Tourist services

Administration of the state natural reserve Stolby offers tourist services in the territory of the reserve for individuals and travel agencies. The services include reception, information support, and guided tours. The choice of the basic guided tours is as follows.

Hiking tour 1. (distance 14 km, 5-hour walk)
Laletina cordon St. Innokentiys chapel road along the Laletina River valley the Pass rock Slonik (Baby Elephant) rock Perviy Stolb (First Rock) rock Babka (Grandmother) rock Vnuchka (Granddaughter) rock Ded (Old Man) rock Lvinye Vorota (Lions Gate) the rock Perya (The Feathers) Laletina cordon.
Cost: 45 Euro or 1500 roubles for a group of 10 people.

Hiking tour 2. (distance 18 km, 6-7-hour walk)
Cableway Kashtakovskaya Trail overlook point 1 (view of the city) overlook point 2 (view of the reserve) - rock Perya (The Feathers) - rock Ded (Old Man) - rock Perviy Stolb (The First Rock) - the Pass - St.Innokentiys chapel - Laletina cordon.
Cost: 60 Euro or 2100 roubles for a group of 10 people.

A 2-hour long driving tour, from Monday to Friday only.
Cost: from 85 Euro or 3000 roubles for a group of 3 people.

For more information, please contact us at

cell phone: +7-913-830-52-03



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